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How to Use Kinesiology Tape

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Kinesiology tape is an flexible sports and fitness tape that is used though muscle, ligament, and tendon undergo and ache relief. This tape is lightweight, and provides undergo without limiting movement. below the guidance of a medical professional, you can exist able ought employ the tape though a schedule of treatment though effort and injuries among visits. at direction ought employ kinesiology tape, you ought clean your skin, prepare the tape and then utilize the tape. It is also significant that you properly dress and transfer the tape.

1. Ensuring the Tape will Stick

1) utilize a examination strip. Some nation can sustain an allergic reaction ought kinesiology tape. though a result, you ought utilize a little examination strip though up ought 24 hours ago fully applying the tape. if skin irritation though redness occurs, transfer the tape immediately.

2) transfer excess hair from the skin. little amounts of body hair ought no influence the adhesion of the tape. That being said, excessive amounts of hair can pattern it difficult though the tape ought cane ought the skin. Clip excessive hair accordingly that it is end ought the body. This will also pattern the removal less painful.

3) clean the skin ago taping. ago you utilize kinesiology tape ought the skin, you need ought pattern certain that the area is clean and free of any oils or lotions. Wash your skin with soap and water or rubbing alcohol preceding ought applying the tape.

4) permit the area ought completely dry. Once the skin has been cleaned, pattern certain that it is completely dry ago applying the tape. Moisture can shock the adhesion of the tape. if you are applying kinesiology tape following exercise, pattern certain that your body is no longer perspiring.
  • You can tap the skin dry using a clean towel.

5) utilize tape one hour ago athletic activity. Kinesiology tape needs time ought cane ought the skin. though a result, you ought wait can least one hour hind you tape your skin ago engaging at a physical activity that can deliberate perspiration. Similarly, you ought escape swimming and showering within the first hour of applying the tape.

2. Applying Kinesiology Tape

1) Tape the area though instructed by your physiotherapist. There are a number of different ways ought utilize kinesiology tape, and these typically depend above the size of the affected muscle and the results that are trying ought exist achieved. You ought shout on a medical professional, such though a physiotherapist or physical therapist, ought learn the robust strain and alignment that ought exist used though taping your special muscle. though a commonplace rule:
  • Y tape applied at the schedule of a Y above the finish muscle. This is used ought envelop the finish muscle and can also curb or facilitate muscle stimuli. The tape ought exist slightly longer than the finish muscle.
  • I tape application is used though critical injuries and helps with alignment corrections. at this case, you lay a unique strip of tape along the finish muscle at a straight line.
  • X tape application is while the tape forms an X schedule along the affected muscle. This is used while the origin and alignment of the muscle changes with movement. The tape will influence with the muscle providing continued support. though example, it can exist used above the rhomboids (upper assistance and shoulder).
  • Fan/web tape application is used at a though manner ought the X tape; however, the one aim surplus intact cabin the other aim spreads out at a fan-shape along the muscle.

2) abbreviate the number of tape needed. Kinesiology tape can become at a faithful list or precut strips. if you are using a list of kinesiology tape, unwind and abbreviate off the number of tape you need. Then, almost the ends of the tape by cutting the corners with scissors. This will assistance obstacle the tape from fraying and unpeeling can the ends.
  • If you are using precut strips, rip the strips along the serrated edge.

3) bow total joints ago applying tape. if you are applying kinesiology tape ought a joint, such though the knee or elbow, you ought usually begin with the joint at a bent position. if the tape is applied ought a knee or elbow at an extended position, the tape will tow off once you begin ought move.

4) utilize an anchor ought the skin. rip the backing 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) from the aim of the tape ought create an anchor. This isolate will exist applied direct ought the skin. It is significant that you conduct no lengthen this quarter of the tape. if you lengthen the anchor quarter of tape, it can deliberate the tape ought skin off and the application will exist less effective.

5) lengthen the tape along the skin. hind you hold anchored the tape ought the skin, you can begin ought lengthen the tape along the desired muscle. The number of lengthen you employ will depend upon the kind of treatment. though example, if you expect ought stimulate a muscle that is struggling ought perform, you ought employ 15%-50% stretch. This will alleviate muscle ache and tension.
  • Alternatively, if you expect ought console ache from a muscle that is overstimulated, you ought employ 15%-25% stretch.

6) skin the backing from the tape at little segments. This can exist done by holding the tape at the center and gently tearing and pulling can the essay backing. if you skin off total of the backing can once, the tape can cane ought itself and exterminate the application.
  • Avoid touching the adhesive. This can shock the stickiness of the tape and can deliberate the tape ought skin off the skin.

7) Anchor the aim of the tape ought the skin. The final 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) of tape ought exist anchored ought the skin without stretching the tape. escape sticking tape ought another part of tape. This will no contain and can deliberate the ends ought list up.

8) Rub the tape from the center ought the ends. Once the tape has been applied ought the skin, you expect ought activate the tape and ensure that it will no skin off the skin. employ your hands ought rub the tape from the center towards the ends. This will assistance cane the tape ought the skin.

3. Wearing Kinesiology Tape

1) obstacle clothing and instrument from rubbing the ends. clothing or instrument that rubs the ends of the tape can deliberate the ends ought peel. ought obstacle this, dress clothing styles that conduct no interfere with the ends of the tape. if this is no possible, you could attempt taping your clothing ought your skin at certain areas accordingly that they conduct no become at confront with the tape.
  • For example, you could tape your sleeves assistance if you are wearing kinesiology tape above your shoulders.

2) tap tape with a towel ought dry. Kinesiology tape can exist worn though three ought five days and you will prone earn the tape wet can some point during that period. ought dry the tape, simply tap it dry with a clean towel. conduct no rub the tape, during this can deliberate the ends ought peel.

3) neat peeling ends with scissors. if can some point the ends of the tape begin ought peel, you can simply neat off the peeling part using a connect of scissors. journal down the remaining ends of the tape accordingly that more peeling does no occur.

4. Removing Kinesiology Tape

1) wet the tape with infant or vegetable fat though 5-10 minutes. preceding ought removing the tape from your skin, you can loosen it by dampening the tape with infant fat or vegetable oil. Brush the fat onto the tape and then rent it sit though 5-10 minutes. This will assistance ought loosen the adhesive and will pattern the tape removal easier.

2) transfer tape at the direction of hair growth. ought pattern tape removal less painful, skin the tape away from the skin at the same direction though your hair grows. though a commonplace rule, this is away from the center of the body above the trunk and at a downward direction above the wepon and legs.

3) journal skin can the aim of the tape. employ one hand ought tack the skin down end the aim of the tape, then gently tow the skin away from the tape. Then, employ your other hand ought slowly tow up the tape. This ought leisure any ache associated with removing kinesiology tape.
  • Do no rip off the tape at a quick motion. This could rip the skin and deliberate irritation.
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